Yoga Instructors of the Santosha Yoga Prague Studio

Zuzana Krajča - Santosha Yoga Prague

Zuzka Krajča

Mysore Astanga (Monday 6:30 a Thursday 18:00)

I will help you move consciously. I teach yoga with an individual approach to each student based on their needs and possibilities of their body and mind. I teach by touch and word.

I went to try out yoga for the first time when I was 18, when I was looking for a way to move, even though I am not athletic or competitive, and gym classes at primary school would rather discourage me from moving. But since then, I keep returing back to yoga. For the past years, I have been intensively studying and practicing K. Pattabhi Jois's (ashtanga yoga) series . At the same time, I deal with yoga philosophy. I also learn from foreign teachers, such as Petri Raisanen, Eddie Stern, Andrew Eppler, Nancy Gilgoff, Davidem Williams. This year I've completed a two-year yoga training Jóga jako vědomá cesta.

Anna Seimlová

Podvečerní Vinyasa Flow (Monday 18:00)

With inhalation and exhalation, everything flows with greater ease. The beginnings of my yoga journey are reflected in my Vinyasa practice, which was influenced by the awakening of the inner goddess Awakening Shakti and the dynamic Kundalini breath. Yoga helps me navigate through life in any situation. And working with my own breath teaches me how to keep my head cool under any circumstances.

Agáta Kouřilová - Santosha Yoga Prague

Agáta Kouřilová

Yoga for a healthy back (Thursday 7:15)
Yoga for seniors (Thursday 9:00)

A regular yoga practice has changed my life for the better, therefore I love to pass on my experience. I am happy to see and meet people who are willing to work on themselves. I like to work with people whose health is affected by sedentary work or have other health limitations as it brings me great joy to see their progress.
I found myself on a yoga mat for the first time at a yoga for kids class, wheareas I've been practice yoga today. However, the yoga school I graduated from has opened the door to independent practice, I constantly develop and improve, and pass on my best to others.

Anastasia Pagliacci

High Vibration Vinyasa with Tibetan Bowls (Wednesday 17:30)

Hi! My name is Anastasia, but you can call me An. I am a Yoga Alliance certified yoga instructor and also a "sound vibration therapist". I teach Vinyasa, Hatha, Face and Aerial yoga, as well as Yin & Yang therapy.

I've chosen the path of yoga Because I know that yoga changes. It does not make you happy, but guides you as a lighthouse on a journey deep into yourself, where under the sands of imposed values, under the noise of other people's voices, are all the answers. And the more people start looking inside, the better this world will be! "There are no good or bad people in the world, only happy and unhappy people."

Karolína Buchtová - Santosha Yoga Prague

Karolína Buchtová

Evening Gentle Hatha Flow (Monday 19:15)

I am fascinated by life and its depth, which I consider very important to explore. I am a lover of music, nature, islands and the sea. What inspires and teaches me most in life is life itself. I am interested in and enriched by knowledge through relationships, self-relation and intimacy.

Tereza Katolická - Santosha Yoga Prague

Tereza Katolická

Yoga for a Healthy Back with a Physiotherapist (Tuesday 18:00)

Yoga accompanies me through life and makes me happier and healthier, both physically and mentally. In addition to yoga, I also teach future yoga instructors anatomy and conduct pelvic floor courses. I enjoy the combination of yoga, physiotherapy and knowledge from the traditional Chinese medicine, and I am happy to share my discoveries, thoughts, knowledge and experience further.

As a physiotherapist, I emphasize the principles of healthy movement. For me, yoga is not only a means to correct muscle imbalances, but also a great way to relax the mind. Connecting yoga and physiotherapy makes a lot of sense to me. Passing on my knowledge and experience and helping people find physical and mental balance gives me great fulfillment.

Nikola Vondráčková

Yoga for Beginners (Tuesday 19:15)

I have had a positive relationship with movement since I was a child. I went to ballet and gymnastics, I played tennis. I took my first yoga class 15 years ago. However, I began to devote myself more intensively to yoga 8 years ago and eventually became a teacher. I was particularly interested in the fact that it is not only about physical exercise, but mainly about mental work, the art of concentration and breath control. I believe that through yoga we can tune and harmonize what troubles us. Whether it's at a physical or mental level.


Andrea Trebatická

Mysore Ashtanga Yoga (Tuesday 19:15)

Yoga is a lifestyle for me. It's not just an exercise for a sore back, to improve fitness, or because my therapist recommended it. Yoga is so much more to me. I realized this when changes began to take place in me both physically and mentally when practicing 4 or more days a week and also during a yoga course where I had a whole month for myself, for the practice and studies. During my classes, I try to lead you to the same experiences. I am happy to pass on my experience.

In addition to yoga, I also practice traditional Chinese medicine, naturopathy and organize art therapy courses.

When the body is not healthy, then the sould in it is also not in the best mood. So let's practice! 🙂


Jirka Shoulder stand Santosha Yoga Prague

Já... Jirka Svoboda

The one behind the studio

I fell in love with yoga and have been practicing it for several years. I claim that it saved me at one time when I was dealing with protracted health issues. Yoga not only improves my physical, but also mental and emotional health as practicing yoga helps to relieve tension in the body and release emotions. Even though I like to practice also other series, my favorite is ashtanga yoga, which I first came across....perhaps already in 2013.

I am not an instructor myself, but you can meet me at classes anyway. I take care of the running of the studio, I am its head, heart and soul. By running a yoga studio, I am fulfilling my dream. If you visit us regularly, you will definitely come across me in the studio. I'm there often. Almost al the time....🧘 I will be happy if you talk to me, give us feedback or perhaps come up with an idea or suggestion.