Beginner-friendly Vinyasa Flow (EN)

Mondays 18:00 - 19:00

Beginner-friendly vinyasa Flow - Megan Flottorp, Santosha Yoga Prague

🧎 This class is aimed at providing a strong base for both new and experienced students. It incorporates postures, breath work, and meditation through motion. The class follows a slower and technical approach that highlights body alignment and enhances body awareness. It is well-suited for individuals of all skill levels but is particularly beneficial for beginners looking to develop a foundation for their practice.

Who are the classes suitable for:

➡️ complete yoga beginners
➡️ everyone who has practiced yoga before, but would like to revive the basics at a slower pace
➡️ everyone who wants to learn to listen to their body, and move healthily
➡️ women and men of all ages

What will the class bring you:
🕉️ you will learn to listen to your body better
🕉️ you will learn to breathe correctly
🕉️ release from everyday stress
🕉️ stretching and relaxing the whole body
🕉️ you will find out where your limits are, how to respect them and how to develop further

What will you need for the class:
➖  comfortable clothing

🏅Difficulty: ⭐⭐☆☆☆

ℹ The class is suitable also for complete yoga beginners.

🇺🇸 The class is guided in English

Price for 60-minute class: Paid with credits 200 Kč; Paid by card 220 Kč; Paid on the spot 240 Kč