Ashtanga Yoga Course (not only for beginners)

12.01.2023 - 30.03.2023

every Thursday 18:00 - 19:30

Ashtanga Yoga Course (not only for beginners) - Zuzana Krajča

Learn Ashtanga Yoga in 10 weeks!

Would you like to start yoga and still can't decide on a class? Or did you get out of practice or do you lack more self-confidence in some positions and need to be reminded of the basics? We will teach you Ashtanga yoga so that you can continue to practice it yourself at home or at Mysore classes!

At the ashtanga yoga course, you will first learn how to engage the so-called body energy locks (bandhas), yogic breath (ujjayi) and correct concentration - looking at one place (drishti), which are an important part of ashtanga practice. After that, we will gradually teach you sun salutations (surya namaskara), which also work as a warm-up exercise before the actual practice. During 10 weeks, you will learn the individual positions of the first series.

The instructor will lead you to independent exercises throughout, when initially you will mainly learn positions, which it is good to gradually try to remember. As you improve and become independent, the instructor will further guide and correct you in the positions so that you always perform them in a healthy way for your body. If you have never practiced yoga before, it may seem more difficult to practice at first, but after a few weeks of regular practice you will get used to it and gain more confidence. Among other things, Ashtanga yoga will teach you patience, and after time you will begin to perceive it on a deeper level. You have our word!

If you by chance miss a class, that's fine! You can catch up at any other Mysore class, where you can seamlessly build on your practice.

Thanks to the ashtanga yoga course, you will create a healthy habit and gain more self-confidence for your own practice.

Why is the course better than open lessons?

The main disadvantage of open classes compared to courses is that you can hardly create the habit and regularity that is important for the maximum benefit from the practice of yoga. Thanks to the course, you will ensure regular practice and you will see progress much faster! During our Ashtanga course, the instructor can also pay attention to you individually.

Another disadvantage of open lessons is that they are led by a lecturer for several people, each of whom has a different experience, condition or is otherwise flexible and therefore needs a different approach. However, the lecturer usually does not have time to monitor and correct all students in these lessons. In addition, especially in the beginning, if you need to follow a pre-practice instructor, you will focus on him rather than on yourself, your body and your breath.

What you will learn at the Ashtanga yoga course:

🕉  three basic pillars of yoga (Tristana), which are indispensable parts of every yoga practice: yogic breath (ujjayi), so-called body locks (bandhas), concentration (drishti )
🕉  Sun Salutations (súrja namaskára)
🕉  Basic positions (asanas) of the first series of ashtanga yoga

Who is the course intended for?

The Ashtanga yoga course is intended both for complete beginners who will get to know this system during the course and learn the positions from the first series, as well as for moderately advanced students who have fallen out of practice or perhaps still feel insecure in some positions and would like to revive solid foundations.

What will I take away from the course?

In addition to the solid foundations of ashtanga yoga, which will allow you to practice independently at home or further on in Mysore lessons, you will also learn to perceive your body thanks to proper breathing and concentration.

The course will be led by Zuzana Krajča –⁠ a yogi, yoga teacher and self-development coach.

Signing up

The price of the course is 2,350 CZK. The reservation for the course is valid only after it has been paid.

The course will be held every Thursday from 18:30 - 19:00, except for 2.2. and 9.2.2023

Zuzana Krajča

I will help you move consciously. I teach yoga with an individual approach to each student based on their needs and possibilities of their body and mind. I teach by touch and word.

I went to try out yoga for the first time when I was 18, when I was looking for a way to move, even though I am not athletic or competitive, and gym classes at primary school would rather discourage me from moving. But since then, I keep returing back to yoga. For the past years, I have been intensively studying and practicing K. Pattabhi Jois's (ashtanga yoga) series . At the same time, I deal with yoga philosophy. I also learn from foreign teachers, such as Petri RaisanenEddie SternAndrew EpplerNancy GilgoffDavidem Williams. This year I've completed a two-year yoga training Jóga jako vědomá cesta.

Zuzana Krajča - Santosha Yoga Prague

The price for the course is 2 350 CZK