Frequently Asked Questions

I have never tried yoga before, what do I need ?

Basically, you don’t need anything other than comfortable clothes for exercise. Always practice barefoot (without socks). It is good if you bring your own mat, but it is possible to borrow one from our studio for free. We also have all the necessary tools at your disposal. Filtered water and tea are also available for you in our studio at all times, however, you should not drink before, during, or immediately after exercise. Telephones and water glasses are not allowed in the hall.

Are there yoga mats to borrow at the studio?

Yes, mats can be borrowed in the studio for free, as well as all the necessary tools. You can find them in the locker in the hall. At the end of each lesson, please return the equipment to its place and disinfect the mats with a sprayer and wipe with napkins.

Is yoga for me?

In general, it can be said that practicing yoga is suitable for everyone. Regular yoga practice can have a healthy effect not only on the physical body, but also on a person’s psyche and emotions. Practicing yoga strengthens the whole body and increases its mobility, relieves stress and emotions, and calms the distracted mind. The most important thing is to listen to your body and not force anything!

What kind of yoga should I choose?

A common question for which there is no single answer 🙂 It has become a trend to categorize and evaluate everything, especially in our parts of Europe. Today there are X “types of yoga” and one wonders which yoga is the right one and which one one should actually practice. But there is no such thing as good or bad yoga, there are only unhealthy habits. Some people prefer more dynamism, others prefer to come to the lesson just to stretch. For some, yoga is just a physical exercise, for others it is an integral part of spiritual development. Whatever you practice, you need to listen to yourself and your body.

If you’ve never experienced yoga in person before, explore our classes. For complete beginners, we recommend Mysore style classes, because in these lessons the instructor has the space to pay attention to you individually and will teach you how to practice correctly. If you prefer something gentler to begin with, yoga classes for a healthy back will be suitable for you. For those who have never tried yoga before, we also offer the option to purchase a weekly pass and come to the studio to try as many classes as you like.

And if you would still like to consult with us at the beginning (not only), be sure to call us or write an email.

How to behave in the studio?

In the Santosha Yoga Prague studio, we try to create the most positive environment and atmosphere possible, and so that this “santosha” could work for us and we all felt good here, we would appreciate your cooperation. When you come to the studio, please take off your shoes, there is a wooden shoe rack for storage, in which you will also find slippers, which you can definitely borrow. If you are with us for the first time, please wait in our lobby for the lecturer, and if you have not made a payment in advance, please pay for the lesson.

You can then change in the changing rooms in the back room. You can lock things in lockers and take the key with you into the hall. Please do not bring mobile phones into the hall. It is possible to use any of the toilets. Please be considerate of others and do not use strong perfumes in the study area. Keeping quiet will help create a pleasant atmosphere for everyone, especially if another lesson is in progress. As we do not have a reception in our studio, it is not possible to arrive earlier than 15 minutes before the start of the class (probably no one will open for you earlier). Tea and filtered water are always available on the table.

Thanks for co-creating a nice atmosphere! 🙏

Do I have to make a reservation in advance?

It is better for everyone, because by making a reservation you will be sure that there will be a place for you and if there is any change in the lesson or it is cancelled, you will always be informed immediately. You can come to the lesson without a reservation, however, for payments on the spot in cash, a higher price applies according to our price list.

I signed up for a lesson, is it possible to cancel the reservation?

The reservation can be canceled in the reservation system, but no later than 4 hours before the beginning of the class. After that, it is no longer possible to cancel the reservation and credits or the amount paid are forfeited.

Is it possible to rent the studio?

Yes, it is possible to rent a hall and a smaller room. The hall can be used for private yoga lessons, courses, workshops, dance classes or other similar activities. The small room is suitable for (physio) therapy, massage, craniosacral therapy and similar activities. If you are interested, please first check the calendar if the hall or room is not used on the given day and time and write to us. The price per hour of renting the hall is 400 CZK/h, but in the case of renting for a longer period of time (day, weekend, etc.), the total price is always individual (lower).

I am interested in an individual yoga class

In case you would like to treat yourself to a private yoga lesson, send us an email. We will discuss your idea with you and the lecturers and come to an agreement individually.

Do you accept the Multisport card?

No. Companies like Multisport require fulfillment of certain conditions that are unfeasible for small studies. In addition, accepting Multisport cards is economically disadvantageous for yoga studios, in which case we would have to significantly increase prices and reduce the remuneration of our teachers, and this is not the path that Santosha wants to take. Unfortunately, our studio will not accept Multisport cards. But we try to accommodate people as much as possible, so we accept Benefit Plus and Sodexo Flexi Pass Card.

Is it possible to pay by card?

Yes, you can pay for lessons and any other events in our studio by card online when booking, but you cannot pay by card on the spot, we do not have a terminal. We accept cash on the spot, however the price for payment on the spot in cash is always higher (according to our price list)